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Fundraising Info

Fundraising Info

What is a "community group"?

YourChange defines and refers to "community group" as a sports club, sports team, school, organisation, charity or other entity, private or public, that provide work or services for the Australian community's benefit.  

What is Fundraising?

The common word, fundraising, is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources. This is done by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Typically, fundraising refers to efforts to gather capital for the community and may cover non-profit as well as for-profit community groups, organisations or social enterprises.

Conventional Fundraising methods

Traditionally, fundraising consisted of face-to-face fundraising, mostly of asking for donations on the street or at people's doors or selling merchandise face-to-face. Below is a list of typical conventional methods:

  • Sponsorship from local companies
  • Government contributions
  • Membership fees
  • Selling goods or lottery tickets
  • Voluntary Donations – especially for schools
  • Fete
  • Competitions
  • Quiz’s
  • Work for local businesses or councils

Why conventional fundraising is so painful

Common for most conventional fundraising is that it requires a lot of effort from the volonteers. Often is fundraising, not just voluntary but imposed on by clubs and organisations when an individual is entering or signing up to participate in their activities. In these cases, a parent, for example, has no option but to participate if their children are to be accepted by the club.

The below summarises what conventional fundraising implies:   

  • Time-consuming;
  • Enforced upon to family members and relatives;
  • Potential up-front and out-of-pocket costs;
  • Pressure to contribute;
  • Effort vs. return for some methods is unsatisfactory.

In today's society, with a busy modern lifestyle, rising living costs and stress from demanding work etc. it is difficult to combine voluntary fundraising work with day-to-day life tasks. But don't worry, change is here!

Modern online Fundraising with YourChange

Online fundraising, have emerged in recent years, most that don't require huge time and effort. New times are here and it is time to step up when it comes to making use of new technology to maximise fundraising results with minimal effort. YourChange’s cashback concept is a modern complement to the conventional methods of raising funds. Let the big brands and retailers payback to the community when you shop, and the best thing is that you decide where the money goes, at NO EXTRA COST and FREE to use!

Online shopping in Australia is rapidly increasing as it is a convenient way to shop and optimise time in today’s busy society. YourChange allows everyone to make use of online shopping to also support the community at the same time – by earning cashback on every online purchase and parts or all of it is automatically directed to the shoppers nominated community groups such as your kid's sports club or team or even their school. 

Online shopping is increasing rapidly year-by-year in Australia and it gives a huge variety and options for every Australian regardless of location and time. Due to the increased online retail competition shipping costs are reduced or even completely eliminated and free from many retailers and brands.

Why use YourChange

Our online modern cashback concept is convenient, effortless and free. It lets anyone generate cashback money back to the Australian community groups at NO EXTRA COST to the customer, the retailers pay cashback on your purchase and YourChange ensure the money is directed to you and your specific sports team, club, school or community group.



How do we compare to Conventional methods?

Make use of the current members, supporters and followers to generate funds in a new way that is not occupying time from these people. With YourChange anyone can contribute to the community from normal online shopping, and also earn money for themselves - Best of both worlds.

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