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What is YourChange? is a FREE online service that generates cash funds to a community group such as a sports team, sports club, school class, organisation, registered charity or personal causes etc. The aim is to provide an easy to use accessible and direct platform for a cause for change, by generating cash funds to Australian community groups through the medium of online shopping or use of online services by individuals and businesses.

Are the goods and services promoted in YourChange’s website expensiver than normal retailer prices?

NO, of cause not there is no extra cost to you!

You are directed to the retailer’s normal website where you do shopping as normal. However, we promote voucher codes, sales and discounts when available from our retailers, look for promotions in the retailer's information page. We are also sending news emails where current sales and promotions will be advertised.

What is defined as a “community group”?

YourChange use “community group” as definition for a sports club, organisation, registered charity, school or other group/entity that is accepted by YourChange to receive donations. You may even set up your own entity to raise money for a private cause!

How much of the generated cash funds can I keep vs. must be donated to my nominated community group?

The individual member account is by default set to split the generated funds (commission) from online shopping so you get 50% and your nominated community group gets 50%. You can at any time change the proportion you like to donate from 50% up to 100%.

A YourChange business member account is by default always locked so 100% of the generated funds go to the nominated community group and cannot be changed.

Do I have to pay TAX on the commission?

No,it is a discount and therefore not taxable.


Is it free for the individual, businesses and community groups to register with YourChange?

Yes, it is FREE to register and use the YourChange service!

Although we will charge a small administration fee per bank transaction from member, business and community group member accounts, this fee is deducted from the transfer amount, so there is no out of pocket expense. See the Terms of Service for details.

How to register a business account?

If you are representing a business make sure you register as a business. This is clearly indicated on the registration page where you must provide some basic information to be able to register.

What is the difference between individual and business member accounts?

The business account is by default always locked so 100% of the generated cash funds are donated to the nominated community group and cannot be changed.

The individual member account is by default set to split the generated cash funds from online shopping so you get 50% and your nominated community group gets 50%. You can at any time change the proportion you like to donate from 50% to 100%.


Where can I find the community group site section in the YourChange website?

Our website is divided into two sites or sections, PUBLIC SITE and COMMUNITY GROUP SITE. The public site is by default the home when anyone visiting the website. From here anyone can register, log in or view the website content. The community group site is mainly there for the community group admin. There are advertising material and tips to use by the community group to promote YourChange to its members and supporters.

I can’t find my community group in “my account”?

OK, use the invitation form on the website (it will pop up when the system identifies that the community group you tried to enter is missing). Just input the name and contact email for the community group into the invitation form and send it off, and YourChange will do the rest.

Can I nominate any community group?

Basically yes, as long as it is deemed ethical by YourChange it will be approved. You can even set up your own if you, for example, raising money for a cause or event or similar.

Can I register a personal community group or cause to receive donations?

Yes, you can set up your own if you for example raising money for a cause or event or like to set up a specific community group account for your kid's sports team or school class etc. All community group account requests are subject to YourChange approval.

Do I have to nominate a community group to use YourChange’s service?

No, at registration you’ll have the option to nominate or not. You will still be able to use the service as long as you are logged in. However, you'll not be able to request withdrawals or receive any payouts until you have nominated a community group. You can always nominate one of the already registered community groups and change later to a community group of your choice! Why not send an invite to a community group you like to donate funds to, just use the “INVITE FORM”?!

How much commission is generated to my nominated community group?

The participating retailers either pay a lump sum per sales transaction or a percentage based on the net order amount (e.g. excluding GST, shipping and/or admin costs etc.). This is a pre-agreed cash refund and clearly stated in the YourChange retailer page.

How many community groups can I nominate?

Up to three and you can manage this in your member’s account. The community group part of the total commission (minimum 50% of generated sale commission) is split equally between the nominated community groups.

To generate cashback/cash refund (to yourself and nominated community group) do I have to enter the retailer website via

YES, to generate commission/cashback you must be logged into your YourChange member account to enable tracking of the online purchase with the selected retailer. The purchase and retailer website appearance is exactly the same as if you enter the retailer site directly. However to enable the link to your member account and the retailer site and to validate the tracking you must use YourChange’s provided retailer link when you are logged in.

Remember, it doesn't cost anything extra at any time as you shop directly from the retailer's website as normal. The cashback is solely paid by the retailer based on the net sales amount.

Is there any advertising material what we can use to promote YourChange to our members and supporters?

Yes, in the Community Group Site, click “advertising” in the top menu. This page includes banners, logos and flyers etc. that can be used on your club website, emails and also PDF’s you can print and handout. Feel free to propose other material or ways of promoting YourChange. We will work with you to help your community group generate cash funds from your follower's online shopping

How to invite a Community Group?

Use the INVITE form on our website to notify your community group or just send us an email to and we’ll contact them.


When can I get my hard earned cash in my member account?

When your account reaches a minimum of $10 cleared funds you can request withdrawal via the feature in your member account. Subject to your withdrawal request, YourChange will execute the bank transfer for your cleared funds to your nominated bank account within 14 calendar days. Allow 3-5 business days for the funds to arrive into your bank account.

How is my personal information handled and stored?

See our Privacy Policy for all the details – in short, your personal information is safe with YourChange.


How can I mitigate the risk of unsuccessful transactions?

You must always enter the retailer site via the YourChange provided links that can only work when you are logged in to YourChange and click the unique link(s). The tracking cookies have a limited lifetime set by the individual retailer, it is, therefore, advisable to clear the browser cache memory and cookies before you log in to your YourChange account. This will erase old cookies and prevent them to interfere with the new cookie.

I can’t see or find a sales transaction in “my account”?

There are various reasons for a missing or failed transaction. For a successful result you should do the following:

  • > You must always be logged in and enter the retailer website via provided link; 
  • > Don’t close your browser window;
  • > Your browser must have cookies enabled;
  • > Use voucher codes provided by YourChange;
  • > You are using an Ad Blocker software - turn this off;
  • > You have used loyalty or rewards points - a transaction is may not liable for cashback using this payment method.


The tracking cookie lifetime varies between retailers hence it is recommended that you always login and re-enter the retailer website via provided link if you continue your purchase at a later date or you are unsure.

Please note that the retailer has the final say about a transaction, they can reject the transaction due to reasons such as the goods you have purchased is not commissionable, you have used a third party voucher code that is not commissionable, the goods have been returned etc.

Note that most travel and hotel related purchase normally not paid until after the travel or hotel stay has been completed. For example, if you book travel with the transaction will not display in your account until you have paid and completed your travel.

I have enquiries about transaction, how do I contact YourChange?

You may contact us via Provide the transaction details such as order ID, date, time, retailer name and the net purchase amount. Email us from the same email you have registered your YourChange member account with. Also, see Terms of Service for more information about how YourChange investigating missing transactions.

Why is my account showing negative transactions?

Some retailers report transactions per item purchased and not a total sum per order. In the case where you have received a discount, it will appear as a negative transaction (displayed as credit in your account transaction list).