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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1.1 General Information

When you sign up with you are bound by these Terms of Service. It is your responsibility to read and understand the conditions and terms within. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time by posting a revised version on our website. It remains your responsibility to access and read these Terms of Service whenever you enter the Note that the version presented is the latest and will govern any future usage by you of the services.

1.2 Definitions Used in these Terms of Service

  1. referred to hereafter as we, YourChange or the Website is the service provider;

  2. You or Member or User is the person or business who registers and use the service;

  3. Generated funds are cashback commissions generated from a transaction;

  4. Uncleared funds are commissions that have not yet been approved;

  5. Cleared funds are commission that has been approved and paid by a retailer;

  6. Community Group or Entity is the Member nominated entity such as a sports club, school, charity or organisation etc. receiving member generated funds;

  7. Online Retailer referred to hereafter as Retailer;

  8. Third Party means a partner or independent entity;

1.3 The Service Provider

YourChange operates under ABN 6495 6563 716 and registered the business location is Perth, Western Australia.

1.4 Applicable Law

The YourChange service and associated Terms of Service comply with and shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

1.5 Error or Incorrect Information

The information published by YourChange, in the website and communications, is deemed correct and accurate at the time of publication but YourChange cannot guarantee or ensure this is always the case. YourChange cannot be held responsible for any omissions or incorrect statements of the published information. Omission and faulty information will be corrected when identified and members notified if required.

1.6 Fraud and Misrepresentation

Where funds have been generated via fraudulent, susceptive or dishonest activity YourChange reserves the right to reverse related transaction(s) by balancing the amount against your account.
Misrepresentation and unlawful activity is subject to account termination by YourChange and/or police reporting.

Account and Membership Management

2.1 Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to join YourChange, you must comply with the following circumstances:

  1. You must be an Australian resident; and

  2. Be 18 years of age or over; or

  3. If you are between 14 and 17 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian’s permission to join.

  4. Individuals 13 years of age or below are not eligible to join YourChange.

YourChange reserves the rights to refuse and/or terminate a membership account without notice should a breach of any of the above conditions be identified. Any outstanding funds will be forfeit and become the property of YourChange.

2.2 Conditions of Use

When using YourChange you must not;

  1. Use the Service on behalf of any other person, or let someone else use the service on your behalf; and

  2. You must not send unwanted messages or spam to promote YourChange or in any way use YourChange to send spam; and

  3. You must not use this service for any unlawful purpose.

YourChange reserves the rights to refuse and/or terminate a membership account without notice should a breach of any of the above conditions be identified. Any outstanding funds will be forfeit and become the property of YourChange.

2.3 How to Register with YourChange

You can register with YourChange via the ‘Sign up” facility on the website. You must provide the requested minimum information for your membership account to be created. If you experience a problem or fail to register, please contact YourChange via the ‘Contact Us” form.

The information you provide to YourChange must be correct and up-to-date. You can at any time change your member account details via the edit feature in your member account area. You must be logged in to amend your member profile. For your membership account to remain active and to avoid transaction losses you must update your member account information should it change. The provided email address can only be used for one YourChange member account and person.

2.4 Required Member Profile Information

When you submit your registration request, you are accepting and approving the Terms of Service and that YourChange is keeping a record of your information for as long as you remain a member of the Service.

2.5 Member Account Username and Password

You must provide a valid email address (referred to as the ‘registered email address’). You must also choose an account password that you must keep private.

You may also choose to sign up using your Facebook or Google+ log in details.

If you register an account without using Facebook or Google+, the registered email address will by default be allocated as your account username.

2.6 Account Validity, Termination and Transferability

The account validity for any individual and business is one (1) year. YourChange will terminate any inactive account exceeding this period. The inactivity time is determined on the most recent successful login. YourChange may send you an expiry notification email when your account is one (1) month away from termination/expiry.

If you decide to terminate your membership account, you shall request a withdrawal before termination of your account; any outstanding funds will be property of YourChange. Rewarded remuneration has a duration of one (1) year from date of cleared funds, outstanding unclaimed funds is after expiry property of YourChange. The account termination is permanent and therefore is outstanding and pending payments and donations annulled.

YourChange reserve the right to reject a registration request to re-join the service if YourChange has ever annulled your membership in the past.

Account and generated funds are not transferable between members under any circumstances.

2.7 Revision to the Terms of Service

YourChange reserves the right to revise the Terms of Service when deemed required. Any major change is announced via email to members and/or community groups if the change relates to their conditions. The Terms of Service conditions continue to apply to the member and YourChange recommend the members to keep up to date and review the changes when announced.

A typical change can be service improvements, retailer conditions and/or a change to YourChange service procedures and processes etc.

2.8 Nominated Community Group

At registration, you are required to nominate a community group of choice. This can be as per the definition in Section 1.2 a sports club, social club, association, organisation, charity or fraternity etc. (hereafter named community group). The community group must be either registered or recognised by applicable Australian organisation or by providing evidence that your community group is legitimate.

The nominated community group automatically becomes a member with YourChange. To activate the community group membership, further details are required from a community group official representative authorised by the community group in question (this person shall be a member of the board or have a manager position). YourChange will contact the nominated community group. If required, YourChange will contact the user who nominated the community group for contact information. The member can choose to provide contact information for your nominated community group.

You are also welcome to create a bespoke community group of your choice, for example, specify a specific school class or sports team, or simply an account for a good cause to fund a specific event. YourChange reserves the right to reject an application that we deem breach our ethical values or cannot be justified upon request by us to the registered contact person.

2.9 Business/Company Account

For a business account, the full Terms of Service apply with the following differences:

  1. 100% of the sales generated funds must be donated to its nominated community group.

2.10 Community Group Membership and Account

A community group can either register directly via website and/or a community group will be automatically registered when nominated by a member/business with YourChange. In such a scenario, YourChange will contact the newly nominated community group for contact and account details etc.

In the case a community group does not want to participate or doesn’t respond or exist, YourChange will contact the member/business that nominated the community group.

The community group membership registration is free. The membership account can be terminated at any time by the authorised representative, and outstanding funds will be transferred to the nominated community group’s bank account.

The membership entitles both parties to use each other’s trademark in print and online, for marketing purposes. Should any suspicious activities or abuse of YourChange services be identified, YourChange reserves the rights terminate a community group’s membership account without notice. Any outstanding funds will be property of YourChange. Furthermore, YourChange reserves the right to retain the community groups funds should and community group member or representative abuse YourChange services to gain personal financial benefits.

Transactions and Payments of Generated Funds

3.1 Consumer Rights

All purchases/transactions are between you and the individual retailer. The individual retailer’s sales Terms and Conditions apply. Any defect or faults with the goods purchased are the sole responsibility of the retailer from whom you purchased the goods. YourChange cannot accept any liability for goods or service purchased by you from retailer (third party) sites.

3.2 Commission and Remuneration Generation

As part of the YourChange’s service, you will generate donations (commission) when shopping from our listed retailer’s. The retailers agree to donate a fixed lump sum per purchase or percentage of the purchase net amount. The applicable deal is clearly stated in YourChange website for each individual retailer. You and your nominated community group split the donation amount 50/50% respectively. The cashback amount is based on the net purchase amount (e.g. exclusive of GST and any shipping costs). You can at any time change your member account default setting to generate from 50% to 100% to your nominated community group. You may also have more than one nominated community group. You may also choose to donate all funds, when you request withdrawal/ payout, to your private bank account.

Note: there may be retailers that demand that the full donation is allocated your nominated community group. In this case, it will be clearly detailed in the retailer section in the YourChange website.

From time to time retailers may increase or decrease the donation paid, in which case the donation illustrated on the YourChange website may be incorrect. The retailer donation conditions change without notification at any time by the individual retailer. The change will be implemented into the YourChange website. YourChange will do our best to maintain accurate information, although we cannot be made responsible for out of date information.

A completed purchase is tracked and the generated funds are displayed in the YourChange member’s account after a minimum of three (3) hours. Your account will show your transactions as ‘uncleared funds’ and ‘cleared funds’. Each retailer has different payout duration and it can take up to three (3) months or longer before the retailer approves and pay the funds to YourChange. This may depend on the returns period for the goods which varies by retailer. The funds will continue to indicate ‘uncleared funds’ until the funds are approved by the retailer and made available to you. No withdrawal request will be accepted until YourChange has received the retailer's payment.

The commission conditions and details are stated for each retailer on our website. Note that certain products, services, or promotions are specifically excluded from the deal of commission. In such instances, some terms, conditions or requirements may apply only to that promotion or sale. It is your responsibility to read and fully understand these terms and conditions, exclusions, and requirements as presented before you commence transaction. Note that some retailers may trade in foreign currency and that your member account will not display the converted amount. However, at payout YourChange will covert and correct your withdraw amount to match the correct conversion in AUD.

If the purchase transaction is rejected (due to rejection by bank or retailer, or goods returned or cancelled by you etc.), the donation will not be received. Should the funds already be in the member’s account and/or community group account, YourChange reserves the right to adjust the account and return incorrect funds to the retailer if requested and available. Please acknowledge that a donation can only be earned when you are logged into your YourChange member’s account and click through to a retailer's website from a link provided on the YourChange website.

It is vital to follow the YourChange’s instructions given on the website and these Terms of Service to enable transaction tracking for your purchase to generate the retailer donation. YourChange cannot be held responsible if the retailer fails to report your purchase transaction to us. Retailers have their own criteria which determine which transactions are valid and genuine. There are various reasons for why a transaction could be deemed invalid and get rejected. These criteria may or may not be advertised by YourChange or the retailer and may be discretionary.

You should notify YourChange if you are missing transactions. There is a feature to utilise in the members account to notify us of missed or failed transactions, and YourChange may conduct an investigation. Should any faults or problems occur we can claim remuneration from the retailer but we may at any point in time stop this process and the retailer’s decision is final. The retailer has the authority to determine if the purchase digital correspondence is correct and valid to enable rebate.

You must submit your claim within 30 days of the missing/failed transaction. You shall provide accurate and correct information about the transaction. Failure to provide required transaction information may result in rejection of your claim. Moreover, some retailers will not accept any manual claims and in such a case YourChange is unable to claim for commission on your behalf.

All claims are to be communicated to YourChange directly. Under no circumstance must the members contact the retailer(s) in regards to these claims. However, subject to circumstance, we may need to direct you to contact the retailer or another third party directly.

Please note that some pages in YourChange’s website may contain links to age-restricted retailer websites that may contain adult material of a sexual nature. You must not click on these links or enter these websites if you are under 18 years of age.

3.3 Withdrawal of Member Generated Funds and Account Validity

You should use the withdrawal feature in the members account to request for your cleared earnings to be paid into your personal nominated bank account. The following conditions apply:

  1. No withdrawal request will be accepted until a transaction has been confirmed cleared in your members account and after YourChange has received payment from the retailer(s),

  2. Minimum withdrawal threshold of $10,

  3. Payment is actioned by YourChange on the first bank day following month after the funds have been declared as ‘cleared’,

  4. Payment to Australian bank accounts is only acceptable.

Allow for bank transfer times of maximum 5 days before the funds are available in your nominated bank account. YourChange have no control of the bank's transaction times or processes.

You should not use promotion codes or vouchers from other sources than YourChange in combination with our service. Transactions, as described, may be deemed invalid and rebate rejected hence the purchase is unlikely to be tracked back to us. YourChange is not responsible and is not liable for missed commission or rebate due to user error. Note that YourChange does not control the validity of the vouchers and sales offers consequently cannot be held responsible for the validity of the voucher code or sales offer.

YourChange will always pay donations/commission where money has been received from a retailer and tracked to your member account provided your account with YourChange remains active. This with the conditions that the transactions are deemed genuine, valid and the terms of the purchase to the retailer is met.

Until your generated funds balance reaches the minimum threshold withdrawal amount, YourChange is not liable to you for any payment. Note that, the minimum amount is not holding donation payments to your nominated community group.

3.4 Payment into Member nominated bank account

You are entirely responsible for the account information you provide and the accuracy of the provided information. YourChange will only approve and process a bank transfer for payments of generated funds where the nominated bank account name is the same as or, in the case of a joint bank account, includes the name under which your membership account was registered.

YourChange will not take any action to track or attempt to reverse a transaction to an account you have provided in error or refund such a transaction.

In the case of a rejected bank transfer, YourChange may charge you an administration fee of $15.

If funds are credited to your nominated account due to accidental computer error, software error or human error. YourChange will without notice adjust, reverse or in other ways correct the transaction.

Commissions are not taxable and the donations to your nominated community group are not tax deductible nor made in your name. Therefore, YourChange cannot issue a receipt for any donation.

3.5 Payment Schedule to Member and Community Group Accounts

Member Payments

Subject to your withdrawal request, YourChange will execute the bank transfer for your cleared funds to your nominated bank account on the first business day of the following month. Allow 3-5 business days for the funds to arrive into your bank account.

Community Group Payments

Same payment conditions as for member payments above.


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YourChange’s website and services utilise cookies. Cookies are vital for the service to work and communicate with third party websites etc. and to enable tracking of your transactions with third-parties. Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order to make full use of the YourChange services and ensure that all purchases on third-party sites are recorded. Cookies must be enabled otherwise no shopping activity will be tracked hence the retailers/third-party websites utilise cookies too.

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Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

When you register you agree to indemnify YourChange (trading ABN 6495 6563 716), its subsidiaries, employee and property against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage or expense (including legal fees) that may occur in connection with the use of this service. YourChange take reasonable care and skill to ensure that the data and information provided and published on is accurate and up to date. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data and information and do not accept liability for any errors or commissions, neither do we accept liability for any resulting damage or losses.